Course Algorithm Presentation with Codes

Course Algorithm Presentation with Codes

The presentation was on

1. Path Matrix
2. Bell’s Number
3. Shell Sort and Radix Sort
It was presented by
  • Rishabh Mehan 
    • Responsible for all the Coding/Programming all the algorithms
    • Presentation on Path Matrix and Shell Sort.
    • Developing live map to demonstrate working of path matrix.
  • Dominick Bakhtiar –
    • Responsible for Algorithm of Bell’s Number.
    • Presentation on Radix Sort.
  • Arshad Mohammad –
    • Responsible of Radix Sort Algorithm
    • Presentation on Radix Sort

Download the presentation and codes here AlgorithmsPresentation

Bell’s Number Code – 

Path Matrix – 

Shell Sort – 

Radix Sort – 

Dynamic Path Matrix Example

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