Multi-Touch Table

  • This multi-touch table was a unique software-hardware implementation. The table detected multiple touch inputs through the shadows casted by the touch points and then processed those inputs via calibration of the screen to give the desired outputs. There was no power supply for this system. The project was developed in C++ by the use of the OpenCV (Open Source library for computer vision)
  • Won an award in International Conference for Contemporary Computing, 2009 making me the first youngest to get awarded in this conference.
  • The project was put on exhibition for Accenture and also during the visit of Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Eye controlled Systems

  • The software enables users to control their Games, Mouse cursor, even Robots with his eye movements.
  • This project is mainly for the physically disabled people, to make them able to use the computers and do much more in their day-to-day working. The project was developed in C++ by the use of the OpenCV (Open Source library for computer vision).


Video Quality Metric

  • A Subject analysis of a motion media resulting in the formation of a video quality metric describing the exact user-perceived quality of a video.
  • This project is still under development and research.





  • A social networking engine designed on PHP, Jquery, and MySQL. This social network has many features unlike other social networks, which enhances its chances to entertain users such as forums, blogs, articles, arcade, polls and yes more over a new social interacting system where users can just interact without typing on each other’s walls.

Wallhood was running successfully under the domain with approx. 500,000 users across the globe



 A word game developed in UNIX. The user had an amazing experience playing the game. They had to make words of more than 3 length out of a randomly generated 10 characters’ set.  Also supported Multiplayer Game.

Tour and Travel System

  • This project was developed in JAVA and MySQL, the project demonstrated the use of connectivity between the two systems over a network.

The system as the name suggests helped the Travel Agents as well as the users to select their tour packages directly.

One of its versions was later developed in PHP as well.

Movie Recommendation System

  • A system that recommends movies to the user according to his taste, using Data Mining.
  • Project was made in a group of 4, with different work assigned to each member of the team.
  • My part was to gather data from the Internet using web crawlers/spiders. Developing a customized crawler for Google, Wikipedia, and IMDB to gather all movies alphabetically and also their  metadata including images and maintain a database in such a way that it is easier and faster to access the database performed the task.

Notepad Pro

  • An IDE made on Qt, with automatic language detection, and automatic compiler detection, and syntax highlighting.
  • The project was made in a group of 4, with different work assigned to each member of the team


The Photostall

  • Built in Microsoft Visual C++ using Opencv libraries, the project is used for image manipulations – Brightness/Contrast Adjustments, Crop, Color Transform, Duplicating, and Rotation.